IFFO RS and the Multispecies Pilot Steering Group (MPSG) continue work in SE Asia

28th June 2019


Prior to the SeaWeb conference in Bangkok, Thailand, IFFO RS attended the Seafood Task Force to continue helping with their efforts to improve the fishery supply chain in the region. At the end of the week, the MPSG lead by IFFO RS, met to discuss the continued development of the IFFO RS Multispecies Pilot project and share information with representatives from the developing FIPs in the Gulf of Thailand and Vung Tau, Vietnam.

Information regarding the pilot process, using the IFFO RS Improver Programme framework, the timeframe of the process and a communication plan was presented and discussed and any potential challenges highlighted to ensure these can be proactively considered.

The key aspects of recognition and expectations were clarified and crucially this meeting allowed the local stakeholders an opportunity to get some initial feedback on their Fishery Action Plan and bring their own ideas to the table.

Following this meeting it is hoped that the first application will be made to the IFFO RS IP utilising the Multispecies pilot criteria.

Author: Nicola Clark, IFFO RS