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Communicating the true value of marine ingredients to a wide audience

IFFO has published a series of infographics to find out the key facts about the marine ingredients industry and the vital role that it plays in farmed animal and human health.

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FAO 2020 report on the state of world fisheries and aquaculture

New considerations can be drawn out from FAO's SOFIA report on the state of fisheries and aquaculture. Yet again it highlights the importance of using the valuable resources from our oceans in the most strategic and efficient way. You can access IFFO's comments on the report here.


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Our annual report is out!

Our 2019 annual report presents an update on what was achieved in 2019 and delivers a vision of the upcoming challenges.

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June 2020 Update

As most countries of the Northern hemisphere are enjoying a sunny weather, it is an opportunity for people to increase their intakes of vitamin D. Few foods provide this precious vitamin and oily fish are one among the few, along with egg yolk and liver. It is well known that vitamin D plays a vital role in the immune system and in protecting against respiratory infection, as reminded by the McCarrison Society, a nutrition think tank. [...]

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