Driving change in South East Asian trawl fisheries, fishmeal supply, and aquafeed

Interview with Neil Auchterlonie (IFFO), Dan Lee (GAA) and Duncan Leadbitter (Fish Matter) discussing the South East Asia fishmeal research project, supported by IFFO and GAA. More information is here

The use of Ethoxyquin

Interview with Niels Alsted (FEFAC), discussing the use of ethoyquin in fishmeal. 

IFFO Fishmeal Database


Interview with Prof. Brett Glencross (University of Stirling, discussing IFFO's fishmeal database.

Unravelling fishmeal - Salmon study


Interview with Prof. Brett Glencross (University of Stirling) on unravelling fishmeal and IFFO's salmon feed study.

Closing remarks by IFFO's Andrew Mallison

Miami Members Meeting (April 2018)


IFFO China Office Tour 

Tour of IFFO Beijing office given by China Director Maggie Xu (April 2018)

IFFO introduces new President Eduardo Goycoolea

While visiting the IFFO London office (March 2018)

IFFO & GAA's SE Asia Fishmeal project

Interview with the project's lead Duncan Leadbitter (January 2018)



More information about the project can be found here.

Introduction to IFFO RS 

Interview with Francisco Aldon, IFFO RS Head of Operations



For more information 

Insights from IFFO 57th Annual Conference

by IFFO's Director General Andrew Mallison


Fish in: Fish Out (FIFO) 2015 ratios

To read the full report on the latest FIFO ratios, visit here.


When does fishing forage species affect their predators?

Find out more about this project here



GOED and IFFO Discuss the State of Crude Fish Oil Prices



GOED and IFFO Discuss the 2016 Anchoveta Season



A Closer Look at Aquaculture and Marine Ingredients

A video produced by Saving Seafood and released in partnership with IFFO and Omega Protein highlights the sustainably harvested marine ingredients that have fueled the growth of aquaculture worldwide. The video premiered at the IFFO Annual Conference in Berlin 2015.

IFFO's Andrew Jackson - SeaWeb Summit Interview - Feb 2015

In Saving Seafood's video interviews from New Orleans, Dr. Jackson and Mr. Cousteau speak about their experiences at the SeaWeb Summit, and their views on the future of cooperative relations between the commercial fishing industry and environmental communities.  Dr Jackson was presented with the 2015 Seafood Champion Award for Leadership at the summit in New Orleans.  More information visit -

The importance of omega-3s in salmon feed

As farmed salmon becomes a regular feature in our diets, it is important to understand its nutritional benefits. Salmon is still an excellent source of omega-3s, containing more than most other fish, but do consumers understand enough about the amounts of EPA and DHA found in salmon and the recommended levels in our diets? IFFO’s latest video helps answer this, focusing on the crucial role of omega-3s in salmon feed, especially EPA and DHA, and the changes in levels used.

IFFO Annual Conference - the hub of our industry

This short video gives a snapshot of our Annual Conference, which have been held in cities across the world for the last 50 years.  Filmed at our Hong Kong conference in 2013, the video shows how this event brings together the movers and shakers of the marine ingredients industry.  Our next gathering will be in Berlin and more information is available here

Marine Omega-3's - The Healthiest Fats 

Long chain Omega 3 fatty acids found in the marine environment are increasingly being found to be essential for human health and development. This short video explains the origin of these important fats found  in the marine environment and explains how the latest research is showing that we should all consider increasing how much EPA and DHA we consume to ensure the health of ourselves and our families.

IFFO's Value Chain Animation


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