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The barrier tissue of salmon is affected by zinc and omega-3 levels in feed

1st October 2019
This article was published in the International Aquafeed Magazine Researchers from Nofima, the Norwegian research organisation, reported last month that the barrier tissue of salmon is affected by zinc and omega-3 levels in feed, in a recent piece of scientific work that was funded by the...

Breakthrough on rules about sending fishmeal by air

2nd July 2019
As of 1 January 2021, fishmeal can be shipped as cargo on either a passenger or cargo aircraft as normal dangerous goods without requiring an approval. However, airlines that currently do not accept dangerous goods shipped under an approval may agree to carry fish meal under an A2 approval when...

IFFO and GAA call for a new co-management approach for South East Asian fisheries - International Aquafeed Magazine

1st July 2019
  This article has been published in the International Aquafeed Magazine (July 2019)   South East Asian seas serve as a major source of food and livelihood for hundreds of millions of people. 80% of the seafood produced by these waters, mainly fisheries in Vietnam and Thailand is supplied for...

Marine ingredients: key players in the circular economy - International Aquafeed – July 2019

1st July 2019
  This article has been published in the International Aquafeed Magazine - July 2019 Having been involved in several meetings in Europe this year relating to the notions of the circular and blue bioeconomies, it has been surprising to listen to discussions about the need to “valorise” so-called...

International Aquafeed - Neil Auchterlonie's monthly column - June 2019

3rd June 2019
Discussion and debate over the development of the aquafeed sector in Asia, and in China in particular, has carried increasing emphasis over time but this year several meetings and conferences I have attended have served to boldly underline and highlight this message. The 6th GFFC on the future of...