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Fishmeal and fish oil have a multiplier effect

17th March 2020
This article has been published in Frontline of Fisheries - March 2020 issue As the fastest growing protein sector for more than 25 years, aquaculture remains one of the world’s most successful food producing industries as we move through the 21st century. According to the FAO, more than 44...

Fishery science

28th February 2020
This article was published in International aquafeed magazine It is a truism that bad news sells across media, whether this is old-fashioned column space in newspapers, audio in radio or video in television, or retweets and likes in social media.  The fisheries and aquaculture sectors, and by...

The omega-3 gap

27th February 2020
Author: Helen Ann Hamilton, Ph.D. (BioMar Global Sustainability Specialist) It is widely known in the aquaculture industry that omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA, are critical inputs to fish farming and a large part of what makes eating fish so healthy. However, the importance of EPA/DHA for humans...

Is there potential to strengthen the circular economy in Asia?

7th February 2020
This article has been published in Frontline of Fisheries - February 2020 issue China is the world’s biggest fishmeal market, with 1.8 million tons usage in 2018 and the second biggest fishmeal producer country in the world with 520 000 tons in 2018. While seafood produced by aquaculture will...

The management of fishing

23rd January 2020
This column was published in the International Aquafeed magazine in January 2020. The fishmeal industry is an extremely complex sector and one of the things I enjoy in working for IFFO is gaining an in-depth understanding of the whole value chain in fishmeal and fish oil production and its...