Annual Report

2018 Annual Report

The President's editorial

This year marks the 60th year of IFFO as a knowledge centre focused on interacting with international organisations, local governments and academic institutions, filling the information gaps through research and partnerships and sharing expertise on market trends and innovations with our members. 

Through these years the organisation has become the most respected and recognized voice representing the Marine Ingredients Industry around the world.

The IFFO family has been continuously expanding throughout the years and has neither geographical nor technical boundaries when it comes to promoting the use of natural and assured fishmeal and fish oil.

This is reflected in IFFO’s mindset as an organisation which is open to embracing new challenges and considering new issues which can be relevant to help the industry move forward meeting new developments and demands in the global food production system.       

Eduardo Goycoolea
IFFO President

The 2018 Annual Report can be accessed here.