Press Releases

Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP), IFFO and GAA to collaborate to help address the challenges in South East Asia’s fisheries

21st November 2019
  In 2017, IFFO, The Marine Ingredients Organisation, and GAA, The Global Aquaculture Alliance, commissioned a study on South East Asian fisheries and their relevance to fishmeal production. The project final report, delivered by Duncan Leadbitter of Fish Matter Pty., Ltd., was recently published...

4 takeaways from IFFO’s 59th Annual Conference and next year’s Annual Conference location announced

7th November 2019
  Following 3 days of discussions, technical forum and market sessions, IFFO's Director General Petter Martin Johannessen stated that collaboration underpins the concept of the UN’s SDGs and is essential to communicate the vital role of marine ingredients in the global food production system....

IFFO announces incoming President and Vice President for 2020-2021

7th November 2019
  Following elections for the new IFFO Management Board (starting 1st January 2020), IFFO – The Marine Ingredients Organisation is pleased to announce that the incoming President is Anne-Mette Bæk and Vice President is Gonzalo de Romaña. Anne Mette Bæk is the Executive Director of Marine...

IFFO's comment on the report "Fishing for Catastrophe"

14th October 2019
  As IFFO, The Marine Ingredients Organisation, is referred to specifically in the report, we as an evidence-based body thought it important to set out some of the facts. “The majority of wild-caught fish is responsibly sourced. In addition, raw material for fishmeal and fish oil comes...

IFFO’s Annual Conference to communicate the marine ingredients industry’s position as a vital part of the global food production system

10th October 2019
  This year’s IFFO Annual Conference will be held in Shanghai from 4 to 6 November and will be an opportunity to celebrate IFFO’s 60th anniversary. The packed agenda will communicate the marine ingredients industry’s position as a vital part of the global food production system. This...