Day 2: Brussels Seafood Expo (Andrew Mallison)

26th April 2017

Today was a mixture of briefings (MSC, ASC, and the Seafish Responsible Fishing Scheme), attending the launch meeting of a Fishery Improvement Project for the Mauritanian fishmeal industry and covering the rest of the exhibition.

A couple of chance meetings with contacts in the Salmon farming industry might lead to a speaker for our Washington DC Annual Conference in October and I was also able to have a chat with Isabelle Aelvoet, the Global Sustainability Director for Mars Petcare - a big user of fish raw materials into pet food and very supportive of the IFFO RS standard.

For me, those chance encounters make the show worth attending - people you may have not seen for 12, 24 or 36 months since the last chance encounter in Brussels. Our industry is a long way upstream so this is one of the few chances to talk to retailers, catering companies and fish processors who work with consumers and see a different side of the seafood industry. Social standards and modern slavery are a concern for everyone and aquaculture is delivering great benefits to buyers - species choice, quality and continuity all scoring over capture fisheries.