Update - April

April, 2018

One of the reasons IFFO is a successful organisation is our tradition of sharing information – everyone benefits by contributing the single pixel view from their window and allowing IFFO to stitch them together to show the wider picture (although still fuzzy in places). Most of the time, this works well and I was hugely impressed by a Chinese feed company member whose policy was to make research and development information public, knowing that if they gave away their older secrets, they were forced to discover some new ones.

Occasionally, some companies want to get a free ride and see the big picture without contributing their part. Obviously if everyone did that there would be no big picture, which is why every Producer and Premium Non Producer member that joins IFFO agrees to the Rights and Duties of members, including a responsibility to provide information on their business. In the run up to our Members Meeting in Miami, we are again seeing large companies struck with an outbreak of stage-fright and declining to share information. This puts us in a difficult position – bar them from the Market Forum or risk others who do contribute seeing some people staying silent and deciding to do the same themselves. No-one is expecting intellectual property to be put at risk, or stock markets to be upset but if you are a Producer or Premium Non Producer, and choose not to “share information and participate actively in the Market Forums” (from IFFO Members Rights and Duties), IFFO supports those members who do take the time to participate and there may be fewer free rides available in future.

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