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IFFO announces incoming President and Vice President

Following elections for the new IFFO Management Board (starting 1st January 2018), IFFO is pleased to announce that the incoming President is Eduardo Goycoolea and Vice President is Anne Mette Bæk Jespersen. IFFO’s Producer members elected representatives for their countries to the board in September and the President and Vice President were confirmed at the IFFO Board Meeting on 23rd October. Following his appointment, incoming President Eduardo Goycoolea stated “I look forward to leading such a well renowned and important organisation. I have worked closely with IFFO for decades and watched it become the networking heart of our industry, while also being a driver for change. Working with our Management Board and the IFFO Secretariat, I hope to continue its vital work to ensure that as an industry we remain ahead of the curve.”

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IFFO Update Newsletter - November edition

The 57th IFFO Annual Confer-ence in Washington DC was a great success, with initial indications being the deliberately diverse range of speakers and presentations was well received and thought-provoking. I think it is a sign of the confidence and professional standards of our industry that there was a lot of interest in presentations about the alternative proteins and oils that are entering the feed ingredient market. Burying our head in the sand is not an option and, while the alternatives are competition, they are also needed to allow the continued growth of the aquaculture industry on which we rely. It will be interesting to see how the market price of fishmeal and fish oil over the next five years either encourages or discourages the entrance of the novel alternatives that are available.

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Update - October 2017 edition

One of the key roles that IFFO performs is to provide a global network of member companies, allowing information to be exchanged and for the organisation to be recognised as representing the international marine ingredients industry. We always look for opportunities to build our network and now have members in forty countries. One country with significant fisheries and marine ingredient production but where we have limited membership is Russia, so I was delighted to be invited to attend the first Global Fisheries Forum and Expo, held in St Petersburg. While there have been international conferences in Russia before, they have been held in the Russian Far East, close to the fisheries but far from markets and a long journey for most potential delegates. St Petersburg is only 2-3 hours from the major European capitals and connections to the USA – it was a sign of the thinking in the Russian industry that this event was held in a city so open to visitors and easy to access.

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Letter to The Economist: The dangers of misreporting science

Your article makes very sweeping generalisations based on scientific paper that reports on a very small sample size. The authors’ eagerness to attack the fish farming and fishmeal industry has unfortunately caused a lack of perspective and critical appraisal of the facts. While antibiotic resistance is a real concern, the findings in the paper by Wang et al need further investigation, not least of all due to the reported presence of several antibiotics in fishmeal made from whole wild fish that would not have come into contact with antibiotics at any stage. Fishmeal samples are named as being from various countries of origin but were purchased locally in China with no guarantee of their purity or integrity. Given reports of adulteration of imported fishmeal in China, this is clearly a concern.

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IFFO Blog: Global Fishery Forum, St Petersburg, Russia

It's the first time this event has been held, a combined trade show and conference in the beautiful city of St Petersburg. Although fishery conferences have been held in Russia for many years, they have been in Vladivostok, closer to the main fishing grounds of the Bering Straits and the Sea of Okhotsk but a long way from the western markets Russian seafood suppliers are now courting.

The official opening was a line up of local and national politicians, joined by guest fishery ministers from other countries and with a welcome speech from the Deputy MInister of Agriculture. There had been a mention that the Deptuty Prime Minister might be attending but the "To Be Confirmed" on the program did not become "Confirmed", although there was no doubt about the political support available to the industry.

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Plastics and Microplastics in the Ocean Environment

The topic of plastic in the marine environment is rapidly gaining traction in the global media.  There is a general recognition that plastics are a problem, and the subject carries with it several points of interest that capture the audience’s attention: human impact on the marine environment, pollution, harm to wildlife, and possible impact on marine food chains and potential contamination in food. This latter issue is potentially the most powerful...

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