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Conferencia Anual de IFFO Roma – Resumen del Día 2

El día 2 comenzó con el ajetreo habitual de los miembros que utilizaron cada momento entre las dos sesiones para establecer redes de contacto; las sesiones se centraron más en la ciencia y la inteligencia de mercado para la industria. La mañana contó con la sesión del Foro de Mercado 1, donde los miembros productores y Premium de IFFO comparten información sobre el mercado en sus países específicos. El presidente del Foro de Mercado, Hans de Wit, abrió los procedimientos y dio la bienvenida a los miembros; luego, el Dr. Enrico Bachis (Director de Investigación de Mercados) de IFFO presentó las estimaciones actualizadas de la producción de harina y aceite de pescado para 2018 (según los datos / pronósticos de producción reales agregados). El resto de la sesión de la mañana incluyó actualizaciones sobre la producción en los países miembros de IFFO.

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IFFO’s Annual Conference features high level panel and the EU commission

IFFO’s 58th Annual Conference was opened by IFFO’s President Eduardo Goycoolea who declared that this IFFO conference will challenge and answer the tough questions often facing the industry. Goycoolea led a panel discussion with industry leaders on the future of marine ingredients and the key challenges facing the industry. Panellists represented core stakeholder groups around marine ingredients and were Árni M. Mathiesen (Assistant Director-General, FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Department), Ole Eirik Lerøy (Chairman of the Board, Marine Harvest ASA), Michiel Fransen (Head of Standards and Science Team, ASC), Dr George Chamberlain (President, Global Aquaculture Alliance), Jim Cannon (CEO, Sustainable Fisheries Partnership); and Pål Korneliussen (Publisher, IntraFish Media).

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Update Newsletter - January 2019

I would like to start this month’s editorial by wishing you all a very happy new year. At IFFO, we have returned refreshed and we’re already busy with a range of exciting projects and events. The dates are set for our three annual events, starting with the IFFO/JCI fishmeal and fish oil forum, which will be held in China’s Wuzhen City from 21st to 22nd March. Our Members Meeting will be held in Madrid from 2nd to 4th May and more information will be sent to members soon. Finally, this year’s Annual Conference will be held in Shanghai from 4th to 6th November.

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New Annual Report shows IFFO’s focus on data and scientific evidence

IFFO, The Marine Ingredients Organisation, today released its second Annual Report, giving a succinct overview of the group’s work with the aim to engage and inform stakeholders. IFFO enjoyed another fruitful year with a continued growth in membership, over 1,082 delegates attending 5 IFFO hosted events, 90 market reports published, and a series of technical projects completed. The report takes readers through IFFO’s various technical projects, events, market reporting and governance. A key area highlighted throughout this report is IFFO’s increased investment and focus on data gathering and technical reports, with the aim of effectively communicating the strategic and vital role of marine ingredients. In order to increase and speed up technical projects, the IFFO Board developed a new process for commissioning projects and increased investments. 

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