Global Food Security

Fishmeal and fish oil are the foundations of modern fed aquaculture.  Early feeds had a very high inclusion of marine ingredients, which by meeting the nutritional needs of the early farmed species allowed the industry to develop.  Aquaculture has been the fastest growing protein sector for several decades and as it has grown over time feed composition has altered as a reflection of finite availability of the materials.  Rather than the commodities that they were regarded as in the early days, fishmeal and fish oil are now seen as strategic ingredients, their use in feeds varying proportionately with the nutritional advantage they may be able to confer at key life cycle stages in production (e.g. hatcheries, broodstock).  Similarly, in pig and poultry nutrition they are used to provide a boost to juvenile animals that will maintain benefits throughout the production cycle.  Global fed aquaculture production in 2015 was estimated at approximately 41 million tonnes.  Pork production was 117 million tonnes, and poultry (chicken) was 116 million tonnes.  Fishmeal and fish oil plays a crucial role in supporting this production, thereby making a significant contribution to global food security.