September 2017

September, 2017

Organising conferences and events is one of the key services that IFFO provides for its members – a chance to share information, learn, meet new contacts and, most importantly, do business while the world’s industry is in one place. I am often asked how we decide where to hold conferences, usually followed by helpful suggestions of future venues (Hawaii anyone?). With our Washington DC conference just weeks away, I thought I would share a little of what goes in to a successful event.
Firstly, we choose a venue that works for conferences. This means a city that is accessible, safe, has the right facilities and is attractive. Members want good restaurants for business dinners and opportunities for side meetings – a large hotel lobby (and bar!) with plenty of seating really helps. To keep our events accessible, we rotate on a three year cycle between the Americas (this year), Asia and Europe. The IFFO board chooses the city two years before the intended event, and our management team then set about researching hotels capable of accommodating us. Our members have told us many times they all want to be in the same hotel, the emphasis on networking means several hotels dotted around a convention centre just doesn’t work for us.

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