Update - April 2019

April, 2019

As the World Water Day was celebrated around the world on March 22nd, there is a growing awareness of our ocean’s fundamental importance to all life on earth. Oceans are home to millions of species and are playing a specific role as global ecological regulator, in climate regulation and in food security.

Tangible commitments towards more sustainability were displayed during the events that took place recently in Bergen, Bangkok, Boston, and Wuzhen City. With novel ingredients entering the market, marine ingredients were presented as very well positioned for the long run as feed ingredients. With the industry’s responsibly sourced raw materials for fish meal and fish oil, the high level of certification and unmatched nutritional performance, fish meal and fish oil provide steady commercial raw material volumes to the feed industry and represent a strategic basis for growth in aquaculture.

A key phrase that was reported throughout the Global Feed and Food Congress in Bangkok was: “We can only manage what we can measure”. IFFO fully endorses this statement to drive forward change and the global food system is on the edge of a digital revolution, as we report from Bangkok. Let’s be inspired!

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