Why join IFFO?

Our members include producers, traders, feed companies, edible oil refiners, retailers, financial institutions, governmental and non-governmental organisations.


96% of the members rate IFFO’s services as good or excellent according to our yearly members’ survey. Joining IFFO offers a wide range of benefits:

Access to the value chain

IFFO members include producers, traders, feed companies, fish oil refiners, representatives of the health food industry, laboratories and certifiers, fish farmers, shippers, retailers, financial institutions, governmental and non-governmental organisations. IFFO’s global reach covers every continent, with 55% of the world’s production of fishmeal and fish oil coming from our members. IFFO’s membership remains stable with 234 members from 40 countries. Members gain access to our member contact list to tap easily into the industry.  Our yearly Members Meeting and Annual Conference give unparalleled access to the movers and shakers of the industry and provide a unique opportunity for networking and updates on industry news and developments. Members receive a 50% discount to attend the IFFO Annual Conference.

Unique and comprehensive market insights

IFFO’s Market intelligence department produces weekly, monthly and yearly statistical reports, giving the most comprehensive source of statistics on the production of fishmeal and oil, consumption, prices, competing proteins and oils, as well as information about land animals, farmed fish production, and feed production, covering 80 countries. Our market information is different to others as our information comes directly from the members, while ensuring them confidentiality. Specific reports are also published on the China market, giving in-depth insights. IFFO has a direct access to the FAO databases and close working relationships with other international bodies and governmental departments.

Visibility and influence within the global food production system

IFFO’s Communications team aims to demonstrate the sustainability of the marine ingredients industry and its contribution to the challenge of feeding a growing population. IFFO raises awareness on the ever-present need for more collaboration not just with the marine ingredients industry but throughout the value chains, by contributing to media reports and taking part in workshops and roundtables to highlight the benefits of marine ingredients. The IFFO communications team runs regular meetings with members on communications issues to ensure alignment and information sharing. Members receive the latest industry news through a monthly newsletter and LinkedIn group.

Assessment of technical developments and policy landscape

The Technical department provides insightful scientific analysis to IFFO Members, initiates relevant projects with research institutions and identifies opportunities to advocate policy recommendations. IFFO represents the industry internationally at FAO, EU Commission and Parliament and many more. IFFO provides expert advice to IFFO Members on animal nutrition, food and feed safety, relevant regulation and policy and represents Members through speaking at conferences worldwide and hosting technical discussions with IFFO members and stakeholders.


IFFO’s Code of Conduct and requirements keep evolving over time and ensure that IFFO members are responsible organisations, aiming to champion best practices.


Categories of membership

IFFO has two basic categories of membership: Producer and Non-Producer (Non-Producer and Premium Non-Producer)

Producer membership: Available to all companies that produce fishmeal and/or fish oil. Find out more here.

Non-Producer membership: Divided into two categories Non-Producer and Premium Non-Producer and is open to all companies that do not produce fishmeal and fish oil but have a continuing interest in the marine ingredients industry. Examples include traders, shippers, laboratories and certifiers, feed producers, fish oils refiners, algal oil producers, fish farmers, banks and financial institutions, consultants, equipment suppliers, the health food industry, partner organisations, fishermen’s organisations, pet food manufacturers, and retailers. Premium Non-Producer provides additional benefits than Non-Producer membership (full access to market statistics and The Market Forum) for an additional fee. Find out more here.