IFFO's Monthly Update constitutes a key communications tool for the marine ingredients industry and its main players. This report is dedicated to the needs of IFFO's members, bringing together industry news and insights from our diverse network. 


February 2016

Most IFFO members could quickly draw up a list of the many non-governmental organisations (NGO’s) that are active in the world of fish. However, the NGO label is sometimes the only similarity etween groups as there is a huge range of knowledge, expertise, funding and
At best, NGO’s provide constructive criticism and positive suggestions for how best to ensure our marine resources are protected and can be harvested sustainably...

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January 2016

My first editorial of the year is usually an opportunity to look at the year ahead and reflect on some of the changes we are seeing. 

Having had one of the warmest Decembers on record in the UK, and the recent COP21 talks in Paris, climate change is certainly at the front of our minds. Our industry relies on ocean conditions for our raw material and on weather conditions for the demand from the aquaculture industry. While the causes of change are still being debated, the impacts are now accepted and the challenge for our industry is in how best to adapt and increase resilience...

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December 2015

I was recently asked to present an overview of fishmeal and fish oil at the 2015 Pelagic Fish Forum, this year held in Dubai, UAE. Mainly aimed at the supply of fish to the direct human consumption (DHC) market, this is the fourth annual forum held by the organisers and attracted several IFFO members...

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November 2015

It has been a busy month, getting back to work after the very successful Annual Conference in Berlin and appointing our new Technical Director, Dr Neil Auchterlonie, who takes over from Andy Jackson when Andy retires at the end of the year. Articles on both the Conference,
and Neil Auchterlonie, are later in this edition of Update and I am sure Neil will be looking forward to meeting IFFO members in the coming months....

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September 2015

Each year, the local IFFO teams in London and Beijing take a day out to discuss how we work together and how we can improve our service to members. One of the reasons that we are a successful organisation is because we have a motivated team that delivers a good service and we need to stay that way. There was a time when managers were supposed to know everything and team members just had to follow instructions – anyone who follows modern management theory will know this misses many opportunities to engage teams and harvest some great ideas from people doing the job every day on how work can be made more efficient.

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