IFFO's Monthly Update constitutes a key communications tool for the marine ingredients industry and its main players. This report is dedicated to the needs of IFFO's members, bringing together industry news and insights from our diverse network. 


May 2016

Our Members Meeting in Miami attracted a record number of delegates to enjoy the beach location and two days of presentations and forums. The Technical Workshop attracted many delegates keen to hear the latest on the protracted discussion on re-approving Ethoxyquin for use in the EU but IFFO’s Technical Director, Dr Neil Auchterlonie, at his first Members Meeting gave a detailed update and prognosis for the use of this long standing and cost effective anti-oxidant. We will be keeping members informed as negotiations in the EU progress...

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April 2016

For the last three years, IFFO has partnered with JCI Shanghai, commodities consultancy, to organise a conference in China, covering agricultural commodities used in animal feeds (JCI’s speciality) and marine feed ingredients. The partnership was in response to a request
from IFFO members to have an annual business event which could be used for networking, learning and a springboard for travel in and around China. The event has grown and this year nearly 800 delegates attended to hear the latest trends in soya, corn and, of course, fishmeal and fish oil. The agricultural commodity market is certainly seeing some changes, with an overproduction of corn in China resulting in the Chinese government stimulating export trade...

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March 2016

Despite all the electronic communication available to us (and some would say an excess of communication) there is still no substitute for in-person meetings when it comes to gathering knowledge, sharing information or establishing relationships. As an international association, a large part of my work is to travel to understand our members’ needs, represent our industry at conferences and with policy makers and to scan the horizon for new developments and trends that may affect us. Inside this edition of Update are short reports on our attendance to meetings in Tenerife (GOED Exchange) and Morocco (COFI Sub Committee on Fish Trade) and we would be happy to pass on more details to any members who could not attend and are interested in these events...

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February 2016

Most IFFO members could quickly draw up a list of the many non-governmental organisations (NGO’s) that are active in the world of fish. However, the NGO label is sometimes the only similarity etween groups as there is a huge range of knowledge, expertise, funding and
At best, NGO’s provide constructive criticism and positive suggestions for how best to ensure our marine resources are protected and can be harvested sustainably...

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January 2016

My first editorial of the year is usually an opportunity to look at the year ahead and reflect on some of the changes we are seeing. 

Having had one of the warmest Decembers on record in the UK, and the recent COP21 talks in Paris, climate change is certainly at the front of our minds. Our industry relies on ocean conditions for our raw material and on weather conditions for the demand from the aquaculture industry. While the causes of change are still being debated, the impacts are now accepted and the challenge for our industry is in how best to adapt and increase resilience...

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