IFFO's Monthly Update constitutes a key communications tool for the marine ingredients industry and its main players. This report is dedicated to the needs of IFFO's members, bringing together industry news and insights from our diverse network. 


August 2014

The concerns over human rights abuses in the Thai fishing industry continue to circulate, with many parts of the value chain wanting assurances and to see these unacceptable practices stopped. A meeting attended by IFFO in London recently (see below) gave a summary of the problem but also showed how difficult it is for buyers to check on labour standards at sea. Where vulnerable migrant labour is available and local enforcement is weak, problems arise. There is then a ripple effect, major companies like CP Foods in Thailand who have good labour standards in their factories are impacted because of concerns in their supply chain and whole industries like Thai fishmeal are affected, even when the fishmeal actually comes from acceptable sources.

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June 2014

One important part of the service IFFO provides to its members is working with governments on regulation and policy. In 2013, we started working with a group of companies from the agriculture sector who were engaged with policy development at the United Nations Committee on World Food Security (CFS). Further details of this project are given on the next page but there are two important conclusions.

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May 2014

Although the IFFO Members Meeting was not until the first few days of May, April was very much about preparing for it and the associated management board meetings of IFFO and IFOMA. Our governing body members give up their time voluntarily to help ensure the organisation is kept on a sound basis and continues to grow and provide value for money. My personal thanks to all the board members for their support and advice and to the IFFO team who’s hard work allows our events to run smoothly.

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March 2014

This month has been yet another busy period for IFFO, with our first joint IFFO / JCI Fishmeal and Fish Oil Forum on 28th March, the release of two new China reports, a Dioxins and PCBs report, as well as continued work with CEFAS and UN FAO. Both a summary and the presentations from the IFFO/JCI forum will be made available in April. We will also be releasing a set of significant changes to our IFFO RS Standard in the coming month and information on this will be sent to members and posted on our website.

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February 2014

We have been working to build our network of contacts with related trade associations and were delighted to run our first joint training course with the Grain and Feed Trade Association (GAFTA) in Lima. Discussions are also being held with the Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats Associations (FOSFA) for a similar joint course later in the year. Please check our website for details of these and other training opportu-nities during 2014. March sees another first, with IFFO holding a conference in Xiamen, China with our partner JCI, an agri-commodities market research agency. This is in response to IFFO members looking for an annual trade event in China and we hope those members who have already registered will find this a useful insight to this important market.

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