Technical Bulletins

Up until 1999 the organisation produced a series of techincal bulletins on the physical, chemical and bio-chemical properties of the different components of fishmeal and fish oil and their effects on animal nutrition.

TB01 -Avaliable amino acid content of fishmeals (Oct 1970)

TB03 - The role of fishmeal in diets for poultry (Dec 1975)

TB04 - The role of fat in fishmeal in pig and poultry nutrition (Aug 1977)

TB05 - Evaluating the protein contribution of feedstuffs for ruminants (Aug 1978)

TB06 - The role of fish meal in diets for pigs (Jan 1979)

TB07 - Choline content of fishmeals from various origins (May 1979)

TB08 - Analysis for determination of crude protein in fish meal (Aug 1979)

TB09 - Analysis for determination of mositure in fishmeal (Aug 1979)

TB10 - Analysis for determination of ash in fishmeal (Aug 1979)

TB11 - Analysis for determination of sand in fishmeal (Aug 1979)

TB12 - Analysis for determination of salt in fishmeal (Dec 1980)

TB13 - Analysis for determination of diethyl ether extract from fish meal (Dec 1980)

TB14 - Milk production response of dairy cows fed a supplement of fishmeal (Sep 1981)

TB15 - Determination of crude protein in fishmeal by the Kjel-Foss procedure (Jan 1982)

TB16 - Recommended method of sampling fish meal for analysis  (Mar 1983)

TB17 - Fishmeal in diets for young pigs (Feb 1984)

TB18 - Fishmeal and rapeseed meal in growing-finishing pig diets (Aug 1984)

TB19 - Fishery by-products

TB20 - Chemical and biological assay procedures for lysine in fishmeal (Sep 1984)

TB21 - Weaning Pigs (Oct 1984)

TB22 - Fish lipids in animal nutrition (Dec 1985)

TB23 - The role of fishmeal in ratios for sheep (Mar 1989)

TB24 - The role of fishmeal in diets for salmonids (Mar 1990)

TB25 - The role of fish oil in feeds for farmed fish (Mar 1990)

TB26 - Effects of fish meal with soyabean meal replacers in broiler diets (Sep 1991)

TB27 - The role of fishmeal in dairy cow feeding

TB28 - Health benefits from feeding fish oil and fishmeal (May 1991)