Representing and promoting the fishmeal and fish oil industry worldwide

IFFO is an international trade organisation that represents and promotes member companies in the fishmeal and fish oil industry worldwide. Enjoying global respect and recognition, we represent our members at all relevant international forums, including holding observer status at the UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) and the EU Commission and Parliament and work with leading NGOs in responsible management of fisheries.

Acting on behalf of the fishmeal and fish oil producers and their trade associates, IFFO works to strengthen the global standing of the industry, while supporting responsible supply worldwide. With a network reaching across 55 countries, our members account for over 60% of world production and 80% of the fishmeal and fish oil traded worldwide. Although our core products are fish meal and fish oil, we are cognizant of similar emerging products from the marine environment and consider these to be relevant to our scope.  Our members are producers as well as traders, feed companies, edible oil refiners, retailers, financial institutions, governmental and non-governmental organisations.

Vision Statement

IFFO is a respected, constructive and proactive partner representing members to raise standards of responsibility and nutrition in the global marine ingredients industry.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the recognised global organisation that:

  • Represents, supports and promotes its members;
  • Enhances the responsible supply of fish meal and fish oil;
  • Embraces the sustainable utilization of valuable fish resources;
  • Invests in science that promotes the use of marine ingredients in global nutrition. ;
  • Communicates the important contribution made by the industry to global food security and well-being;
  • Protects and improves the image of the industry; promoting high standards of ethics, governance and respect for the environment.
  • Provides information that will contribute positively to the success of the industry;
  • Provides platforms that encourage and stimulate non-competitive discussions, information sharing and networking opportunities within the industry and with external stakeholders.

Organisation Structure:

Board of Directors

IFFO's activities are governed by a Board of Directors made up of 13 representatives who provide strategic direction for the organisation.  Board members are elected from the organisation's Producer Members, four of which are from Peru, three from Chile, three from Scandinavia, and one from the USA with two more nominated from the rest of the producing countries.  A President and Vice-President are elected from these 13 representatives and the board elections take place every two years.

The Secretariat

The Secretariat is led by the Director General, Operations Director, Technical Director, China Director and Chief Analyst. Working across three offices in London (Head Office), Lima and Beijing, our team has strong international roots with staff from 7 countries who speak 7 languages between them, including Spanish, Chinese and Italian.