Press Releases

IFFO welcomes the Peruvian anchovy fishery launch of FIP

10th March 2017
A pivotal and positive step was taken in the marine ingredients industry this week, with the launch of the Fisheries Improvement Project (FIP) for the Peruvian anchovy fishery. The aim of the FIP is to get a “certifiable status” according to the guidelines of the Conservation Alliance for Seafood...

Issues with FFDR in assessing aquaculture

23rd January 2017
IFFO has published a position paper analysing the forage fish dependency ratio (FFDR) to provide clear information on this complex debate. FFDR is an often quoted term in the dialogue on fed aquaculture sustainability, but caution needs to be exercised in how the information is interpreted, and the...

Invitation to provide input on the full draft (excl. Mixed Trawl Fishery Criteria) of the version 2.0 of IFFO RS Responsible Supply Standard

17th January 2017
(16th January, 2017) In order to maintain the credibility and relevancy of its leading standard, the IFFO RS Governance Board ratified a proposal to review and enhance the IFFO RS programme through the development of ‘Version 2.0’. The IFFO RS certification process includes two key components: the...

IFFO RS Standard ends another successful year of growth and further developments planned for 2017

12th December 2016
The IFFO RS Standard has continued to expand its reach, with 118 certified marine ingredients producing factories located in 16 countries. Morocco is the latest country to join the programme, strengthening presence in Africa. By the end of 2016, the programme will represent almost 45% of the total...

IFFO closes 56th Annual Conference by announcing the winner of the Leadership and Innovation awards

27th October 2016
The IFFO 56th Annual Conference closed after three successful days of discussions with 418 delegates from 43 countries. The winner of the Leadership and Innovation award was announced by the IFFO President Mike Copeland at the event’s Gala Dinner.  This is the second year that IFFO has held the...