Press Releases

New IFFO and SNP factsheet on Peruvian Anchovy: Why feed not food?

4th October 2017
  As a rich source of EPA and DHA polyunsaturated fatty acids, the most appropriate use of Peruvian anchovy is often debated. Although eaten as whole fish, the majority of Peruvian anchovy are turned into fish oil, both for feed and capsules, and fishmeal, used in animal and aquafeeds. The...

IFFO responds to the Fish Free Feed (F3) Challenge

4th October 2017
While we congratulate the finalists and winners of the HeroX F3 competition (some of whom are IFFO members), we are disappointed that the credibility of this initiative to encourage alternative sources of feed ingredients has been damaged by the organisers’ use of negative messaging, exaggeration...

IFFO’s Andrew Mallison takes part in Russia’s International Fisheries Forum & Expo

14th September 2017
For the first time Russia (St Petersburg) is hosting the Global Fishery Forum & International exhibition for fishery, seafood and know-how (Global Fishery Forum & Seafood Expo) and with over 200 delegates attending from over 50 countries over two days, it promises to be an exciting event....

Letter to The Economist: The dangers of misreporting science

8th September 2017
Response to ‘Antibiotic resistance in fish farms is passed on from fish food’ Sept 7th, 2017 Written by IFFO's Andrew Mallison, Director General The dangers of misreporting science Your article makes very sweeping generalisations based on scientific paper that reports on a very small sample size...

IFFO Response: Antibiotic Resistant Genes found in Fishmeal

6th September 2017
We are aware of the recent publication of a scientific paper[1] indicating there is a potential for fishmeal used in aquaculture feed to be a vector for antibiotic resistant genes. This is a first study in the subject, and as such, we must exercise caution in how the results are interpreted without...