IFFO welcomes new Technical Director

Thursday, October 22, 2015

IFFO, the trade association for the global marine ingredients industry, will see the retirement of Technical Director Dr Andy Jackson at the end of 2015 after ten years of great contributions to the organisation. IFFO will be joined in November by Dr Neil Auchterlonie – taking over as Technical Director from 1st January 2016 after a two month handover period with Dr Jackson.

Dr Auchterlonie has B.Sc, M.Sc and PhD degrees in Marine Biology, Applied Fish Biology and Aquaculture, and has spent time working in technical and production positions in aquaculture companies and government department and research agencies.  Neil has a strong track record in managing aquaculture and fisheries science programmes in both public and private sector, specialising in commissioning, managing and reporting on science that addresses policy questions for both government and industry .

Andrew Mallison, IFFO Director General, welcomed Dr Auchterlonie, saying “The technical services provided by IFFO to members and the wider industry are a key part of the organisation. Neil was the unanimous choice of the selection panel for this critical role from a wide range of international candidates. Andy Jackson has made a huge contribution to IFFO and I am delighted that Neil brings a set of new skills to further develop our services to members.”

 Dr Auchterlonie said “I am delighted to be offered this opportunity to join the team at IFFO.  I have been aware of the excellent work of both IFFO and Andy Jackson over the years, and I am very humbled to be offered this chance to contribute to the organisation’s work at a crucially important and exciting time for the marine ingredients industry and the aquaculture sector.”


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Notes for Editors


  1. IFFO represents the marine ingredients industry worldwide. IFFO’s members reside in more than 60 countries, account for over 50% of world production and 75% of the fishmeal and fish oil traded worldwide. Approximately 5 million tonnes of fishmeal are produced each year globally, together with 1 million tonnes of fish oil. IFFO’s headquarters are located in London in the United Kingdom and it also has offices in Lima, Peru, and in Beijing, China. IFFO is an accredited Observer to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO). For more information, visit the IFFO website - http://www.iffo.net/
  2. The Global Standard for Responsible Supply (IFFO RS) is a business-to-business certification programme that enables a compliant factory to demonstrate that it responsibly sources its raw material from well-managed fisheries and responsibly converts that into pure and safe products.
  3. To be certified fishmeal and fish oil factories must demonstrate sourcing from well managed fisheries and safe and traceable production. Assessments are conducted by an independent certification body and in just over two years, IFFO RS has successfully attracted over 110 certified factories, spread across nine countries. Most of the largest fisheries such as Peruvian anchovy, Alaskan Pollock, Blue Whiting in UK, Iceland and Norway, Gulf menhaden in USA and many more have been approved for supply into the manufacturing food chain including whole fish and by- product raw material to produce compliant fishmeal and fish oil. For more information visit the IFFO RS Website - http://www.iffo.net/iffo-rs
  4. Fishmeal is a natural, balanced, highly nutritious feed ingredient used in diets for farmed fish and crustaceans and as a high protein supplement in nutritionally demanding periods in the life cycle of pigs and poultry, as well as in pet food.
  5. Fish oil is the major natural source (97%) of the healthy long chain omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, EPA and DHA. Most fish oil is used in feeds for farmed fish and there is an expanding market for fish oil for human nutritional supplements and functional foods.