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IFFO attends the FAO Committee on Fisheries (COFI) 32nd session

13th July 2016
The FAO Committee on Fisheries (COFI) 32nd session was held in Rome from 11th-15th July. IFFO was represented by Director General Andrew Mallison. It was clear from the debate that members states are increasingly aware of the importance of fish supplies to food security, particularly recognising...


7th October 2015
After decades of growth, the aquaculture industry continues to expand as a crucial segment of the global seafood market, and sustainably harvested fish meal and fish oil are fueling this growth. In a new video produced by Saving Seafood and released in partnership with IFFO, the trade association...

NOAA Fisheries unveils climate science strategy

4th September 2015
As ocean conditions continue to change, putting ocean ecosystems and the communities that rely upon them at risk, NOAA took a first step in providing regional fisheries managers and stakeholders with information they need to reduce the effects of climate change and build resilience. “NOAA just...

GOED Response: Washington Post Article Calls Omega-3 Science into Question

10th July 2015
The latest in the recent spate of negative omega-3 coverage comes from an article by Peter Whoriskey at The Washington Post, posted last night (the article also appears in today’s print edition of the publication). While several versions of the headline were seen in the last 24 hours:  “Claims...

IFFO contributes to the OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook 2015-2024

2nd April 2015
On 23rd-24th March IFFO took part in the annual OECD-FAO meeting of the Commodities Markets working group. The purpose of such meeting was to review the baseline projections for the period 2015-2024 of the different agri-markets, including the fish sector. Economists and representatives of the...