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IFFO Responds to fishmeal article published in The Salt

16th February 2017
Following an article titled '90 Percent Of Fish We Use For Fishmeal Could Be Used To Feed Humans Instead' published in the Salt, IFFO's Andrew Mallison responded with the following: Thank you for your article on the use of fish for direct human consumption (DHC) or as ingredient for animal feed...

IFFO Responds to Intrafish article series on marine ingredients and the aquaculture industry

14th February 2017
Following Intrafish news article series drilling down the use of marine ingredients in the aquaculture industry, IFFO's Andrew Mallison responded with the following letter: Thank you for the thought provoking series of articles on Intrafish recently covering the role of fishmeal and fish oil in...

IFFO Members’ Meeting—Registration now open

1st February 2017
This year’s Members’ Meeting will be held in sunny Barcelona and will include the usual packed programme giving attendees a succinct industry update with lots of networking opportunities.  Registrations are now open via and includes information about the hotel, program and an...

Response to German TV programme on the Norwegian salmon farming industry

9th January 2017
Following a German TV programme on the salmon farming industry, broadcasted by ZDF on 14th December, IFFO responded directly to them with the following points:  The use of Ethoxyquin Ethoxyquin has been approved for use as an antioxidant in fishmeal, an ingredient of farmed fish feed, for many...

Day 3 - Summary of 56th IFFO Annual Conference

27th October 2016
Summary of 56th IFFO Annual Conference Wednesday, 26th October 2016 China Update Maggie Xu, China Director, IFFO, China IFFO’s China Director Maggie Xu gave a succinct overview of the Chinese economy and current trends in the fishmeal and fish oil markets.  She first analysed the...