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Is there potential to strengthen the circular economy in Asia?

7th February 2020
This article has been published in Frontline of Fisheries - February 2020 issue China is the world’s biggest fishmeal market, with 1.8 million tons usage in 2018 and the second biggest fishmeal producer country in the world with 520 000 tons in 2018. While seafood produced by aquaculture will...

The management of fishing

23rd January 2020
This column was published in the International Aquafeed magazine in January 2020. The fishmeal industry is an extremely complex sector and one of the things I enjoy in working for IFFO is gaining an in-depth understanding of the whole value chain in fishmeal and fish oil production and its...

IFFO and the ITP to trial novel anti-oxidants for fishmeal

20th January 2020
IFFO and the Peruvian Instituto Tecnológico de la Producción (ITP) have just signed an agreement to jointly develop activities for the generation of R+D+i projects to screen the efficacy of a range of potential antioxidants in fishmeal. With ethoxyquin’s future as an antioxidant in feed...

Driving improvements in South East Asian fisheries - by Duncan Leadbitter

7th January 2020
Duncan Leadbitter, a director of Australia based fisheries and natural resource consulting company, Fish Matter, author of a report on South East Asian fisheries commissionned by IFFO and the Global Aquaculture Alliance, wrote an article in InfoFish International - November / December 2019 issue. ...

A brighter future for fishing

6th January 2020
Fishing communities have known for hundreds of years that the behaviour of fish and other aquatic creatures varies in response to light. But what does this mean for the future of the commercial fishing industry?   Fishing by Firelight Since the discovery of fire, humans have been using light to...