Industry News

A brighter future for fishing

6th January 2020
Fishing communities have known for hundreds of years that the behaviour of fish and other aquatic creatures varies in response to light. But what does this mean for the future of the commercial fishing industry?   Fishing by Firelight Since the discovery of fire, humans have been using light to...

Report on FAO’s International Symposium on Fisheries Sustainability

2nd December 2019
  Neil Auchterlonie's column was published in International Aquafeed Magazine The meeting held in Rome in November underlined the importance of fisheries and aquaculture in providing aquatic food for the future growing human population. "This month I am writing the column whilst attending the...

Interview with Salmon Group’s CEO on sustainability and fish welfare

28th November 2019
  IFFO met with Anne-Kristine Øen, Salmon Group's CEO, who shared her vision on sustainability and fish welfare. 1/ Could you provide a short introduction to Salmon Group? Salmon Group is owned by 44 local producers of salmon and trout along the coast of Norway. These are family owned companies...

The barrier tissue of salmon is affected by zinc and omega-3 levels in feed

1st October 2019
This article was published in the International Aquafeed Magazine Researchers from Nofima, the Norwegian research organisation, reported last month that the barrier tissue of salmon is affected by zinc and omega-3 levels in feed, in a recent piece of scientific work that was funded by the...

Breakthrough on rules about sending fishmeal by air

2nd July 2019
As of 1 January 2021, fishmeal can be shipped as cargo on either a passenger or cargo aircraft as normal dangerous goods without requiring an approval. However, airlines that currently do not accept dangerous goods shipped under an approval may agree to carry fish meal under an A2 approval when...