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GAA IFFO-backed study finds promise in South East Asia fishmeal

29th April 2019
The following was published in Intrafish "Knowledge gained from new study in Southeast Asia may later be used to help feed industries in other regions around the world." Read more on Intrafish's website.  

IFFO counters inaccurate reduction fishery report

19th April 2019
The following was published in The FishSite "Many of the key arguments used in a report criticising the world’s reduction fisheries - the key source of fishmeal and fish oil used in aquafeeds - have been rubbished by IFFO." ​Read more on The Fish Site's website.

Study questions the sustainability of plant ingredients as fishmeal substitutes

13th April 2019
Substituting fishmeal in aquaculture feeds with plant ingredients may not be as beneficial for the environment as many predict, according to new University of Stirling research. The study, The Sustainability Conundrum of Fishmeal Substitution by Plant Ingredients in Shrimp Feeds, is published in ...

International Aquafeed - Neil Auchterlonie's monthly column - April 2019

1st April 2019
The following was written by IFFO's Technical Director Neil Auchterlonie for International Aquafeed magazine, published in April 2019. One of the great pleasures of working for IFFO The Marine Ingredients Organisation is the opportunity it presents to be able to communicate some of the realities...

Peruvian Ministry of Production: after 43 days IMARPE finalized a cruise that will allow the beginning of the 2019 fishing season to be determined

28th March 2019
Press release from the Peruvian Ministry of Production The Scientific Research Vessels (BIC) Humboldt and José Olaya, the fishing boats "Imarpe IV" and "Imarpe V" and other vessels participated March 28, 2019 The Scientific Research Vessels (BIC) Humboldt and José Olaya, the fishing boats "...