IFFO's role & vision


The Marine Ingredients industry, and IFFO in particular, can be proud of the way its work underpins and contributes to several of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as member states, intergovernmental organisations as well as the private sector are working on delivering these goals by 2030.

With the industry’s responsibly sourced raw materials for fishmeal and fish oil, the high level of certification and unmatched nutritional performance, fishmeal and fish oil provide steady commercial raw material volumes to the feed industry and represent a strategic basis for growth in aquaculture.

While novel ingredients are entering the market, marine ingredients are still very well positioned as feed ingredients. The role of IFFO is to share evidence with all its stakeholders so that the positioning of the marine ingredients industry in this new landscape is understood. Through IFFO’s technical research projects, new swathes of the industry are being investigated to provide information where it is missing and to find alternative solutions when regulations change.

I firmly believe that IFFO’s role is to accompany change and tackle new challenges so that marine ingredients continue to feed a growing population while ensuring food security. This should be achieved through a stronger collaboration with stakeholders, from IFFO members to local governments, local institutions, academics and NGOs.

IFFO remains very attractive, with 235 members from all over the world* and increasing partnerships with highly recognised organisations. Thanks to all of them, we are building a new vision which positions the marine ingredients industry as a vital part in the global food production system. We want to continue to invest in people, in data and in innovation and have already achieved a lot in 2018. This is the story we want to tell you in the next pages…

Petter Martin Johannessen
IFFO Director General

* as at 31/12/2018