IFFO Membership & Governance

IFFO’s membership has remained stable with 235 members from 39 countries at the end of 2018. IFFO’s global reach covers every continent, with over 50% of the world’s production of fishmeal and fish oil coming from our members. Almost half of our new members in 2018 are based in Europe, a strong region for our industry, and the second area of growth is Asia. In respect of the type of companies, 11 new trading companies joined as Non-Producer or Premium members and 2 fishmeal and fish oil producers joined as Producer members.


The Management Board of IFFO is made up from Producer members nominated by either individual countries or regions. Each director serves a 2 year term and is then eligible for re-election.


2018/19 term

Members of the Board

Mr E Goycoolea (Chile) – Board President for 2018/19

Ms A M Baek (Denmark) – Board Vice President for 2018/19

Mr J Rortveit (USA)

Mr G de Romana (Peru)

Mr H Speziani (Peru)

Mr J C Ferrer (Chile)

Mr F Zaldivar (Chile)

Mr W Martinez (Peru)

Mr J P Andersen (Iceland)

Mr Fernando R Bernales (Peru)

Mr A O Hoddevik (Norway)

Mr M Copeland (Rest of World)

Mr H Korsager (Rest of World)

Country representation of IFFO Board: