IFFO ha publicado su informe anual que muestra cómo contribuye a los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible (ODS) de las Naciones Unidas

Monday, July 1, 2019


IFFO, The Marine Ingredients Organisation, today released its Annual Report, which shows how it has been working with the aim to facilitate the understanding of the Industry’s contribution to the product value. This year marks the 60th year of IFFO as a knowledge centre focused on gathering and sharing information with stakeholders.

Upon the release of this report, IFFO’s Director General Petter Martin Johannessen noted: “By the very nature of its activity, the Marine Ingredients Industry is rooted in local areas. As well as an environmental stewardship, it has a responsibility to contribute to their economic development and social cohesion. This should be achieved through a stronger collaboration with stakeholders, from IFFO members to local governments, local institutions, academics and NGOs.”

Protecting Life Below Water and contributing to the Zero Hunger target (SDGs 2 and 14): IFFO’s core priorities

A key area highlighted throughout this report is IFFO’s continuous investment and focus on data gathering and technical reports, with the aim of filling information gaps to continue driving positive change within the global supply chain. Examples of this evidence-based approach include IFFO’s projects on South East Asia (co-funded by the GAA), on the amendment of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO)’s shipping codes and on the impact that fishing forage species have on their predators. Work is underway to deliver 7 other technical projects on various vital topics.

In 2018, production and/or trade annual data for 77 countries were collected; monthly data for 11 countries and weekly data for around 8 countries. These data were used to produce weekly and monthly reports dedicated to IFFO’s Members.

In 2019 IFFO is focusing on increasing collaboration among stakeholders in regional fisheries and throughout the seafood supply chains. That increased collaboration will help facilitate the development and initiation of Fisheries Improver Projects (FIPs) together with IFFO RS.

The English report is available to download here, Spanish and Chinese are available here.