Boletines de aceite de pescado

The IAFFM produced for a period of 8 years a series of bulletines on the processes of determination of the different components of fish oil and its chemical and physical properties.

FOB1 - The quality, processing & usage of fish oil for edible purposes (Jun 1979)

FOB2 - The extra effort and cost to the refiner in dealing with poorer grade quality fish oil (Apr 1980)

FOB3 - Evaluation of hardened fish oil used in different products in different countries (Jan 1981)

FOB4 - Method for determination of hydrocarbons in fish oils (Jun 1981)

FOB5 - Analysis for determination of insoluble impurities in fish oil (Jun 1981)

FOB6 - Analysis for determination of colour in fish oil (Jun 1981)

FOB7 - Analysis for determination of iodine value of fish oils (WIJS method) (Jun 1981)

FOB8 - Analysis for detirmination of peroxide value of fish oils (Jun 1981)

FOB9 - Analysis for determination of moisture in fish oil (Jun 1981)

FOB10 - Analysis for determination of specific gravity of fish oil (Jun 1981)

FOB11 - Analysis for determination of unsaponifiable matter in fish oil (Jun 1981)

FOB12 - Analysis for determination of anisidine value of fish oil (Jun 1981)

FOB13 - Relationship between iodine value & the cost of hardening fish oil (Aug 1982)

FOB14 - Substitutability of P.H. fish oils, vegetable oils and animal fats (Aug 1982)

FOB15 - Reasons by buyers for imposing penalties against fish oil producers (Sep 1982)

FOB16 - Determination of sulphur content in fish oil (Oct 1982)

FOB17 - Chemical & physical properties of crude fish oils for refiners & hydrogenators (Jun 1986)

FOB18 - Refining and hydrogenation of fish oil (Jun 1986)

FOB19 - Hydrogenated fish oils in margarines, shortenings and compound fats (Aug 1986)

FOB20 - Chemical and physical properties hydrogenated fish oils for margarine (Aug 1986)

FOB21 - Method for the determination of the free fatty acid content in fish oil (May 1987)