Report on trip to Iceland

21st January 2019
Petter Johannessen and Neil Auchterlonie journeyed to Iceland on the week of the 21st January as part of Petter’s programme of introductory meetings across the membership.  This was a great opportunity to meet with the IFFO members in Iceland and spend some time getting to know them and the...

IFFO 58th Annual Conference – Day 3 summary

18th October 2018
Day 3 started with the Market Forum 2 session, focusing on demand in fishmeal and fish oil. The session opened with Market Forum Chairman Hans de Wit and the first presentation of the session was by Christian Meinich (Partner, Chr.Holtermann ANS), who gave an update on the global fish oil trade....

IFFO 58th Annual Conference – Day 2 summary

17th October 2018
Day 2 started with the usual hustle and bustle of members using every moment to network in between the two sessions which focused more on the science and market intelligence for the industry. The morning featured the Market Forum 1 session, where IFFO’s Producers and Premium members share market...

IFFO 58th Annual Conference – Day 1 summary

15th October 2018
IFFO’s President Eduardo Goycoolea opened this year’s IFFO Annual Conference in Rome by welcoming the 440 delegates attending from 45 countries. Goycoolea stated that this conference will not shy away from the tough questions aimed at the industry and which are often answered with myths and not...

IFFO hosts meeting on how climate change impacts may affect fishmeal and fish oil supply chains (Neil Auchterlonie)

19th September 2018
IFFO hosted a small meeting this week as a start to looking at how climate change impacts may affect fishmeal and fish oil supply chains into aquafeed (and thus, aquaculture development).  At this stage the work looks at UK supply chains, but as with all seafood supply chains it is almost...