Ongoing work by IFFO RS in Thailand

22nd May 2019
IFFO RS and other representatives from the Multispecies Pilot Steering Group (MPSG) are meeting with stakeholders in Thailand this month to discuss the continued development of the IFFO RS Multispecies Pilot project and share information with representatives from the developing FIP in the Gulf of...

Panama small pelagics FIP demonstrates continued improvement through a successful transition within the IFFO RS Improver Programme

22nd May 2019
  During the IFFO members meeting in Madrid, Spain, Libby Woodhatch (Executive Chair, IFFO RS Governing Body) and Francisco Aldon (General Manager at IFFO RS) met with Brian Murtagh (AnimalFeeds) to congratulate the Panama Fishery Improvement Project (FIP) stakeholders on their transition to the...

Madrid Brief - Summary of IFFO's 2019 Members' Meeting

8th May 2019
This year’s IFFO Members’ Meeting was held in Madrid. 163 delegates attended the meeting from 27 countries, the highest number so far. The presentations are available in the Members area. The day started with Market Forum I, opened by IFFO’s Director General, Petter Martin Johannessen and the...

FOSFA International Trade Training Courses - 2019

16th April 2019
The Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats Associations (FOSFA) International will run a cycle of UK based trade education courses as of June 2019. FOSFA are Honorary Members of IFFO. Read the following documents to learn more about the Basic Introductory Course (each year) and the new Advanced...

IFFO RS Improver Programme Fishery Assessor Training

5th April 2019
  A training session in London was provided to fishery assessors by IFFO RS Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Coordinator, Nicola Clark, and Fisheries Science Manager, Deirdre Hoare. This session was based around the IFFO RS Improver Programme (IFFO RS IP) and application procedures and included...