Scottish farmed salmon viewed from backstage

4th July 2019
  IFFO’s Management Team has just returned from a visit to Scottish Sea Farms. It was not only impressed by the staff’s commitment and passion about Scottish salmon but also by the high-tech equipment being used. Safety and hygiene were clearly paramount throughout and the team was fortunate to...

Report on the 2019 Sea Bass Industry Development Forum

2nd July 2019
  In May IFFO China attended the 2019 Sea Bass Industry Development Forum, which was one of the concurrent sessions in the 2019 Global Aquaculture Summit (GAS) held by China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Alliance (CAPPMA). Presentations covered many aspects of sea bass industry,...

New IFFO Staff Member: meet Xiaowen Ling

28th June 2019
  Xiaowen Ling started to work in IFFO's China Office as Technical Specialist in June, 2019. Xiaowen Ling graduated from Wageningen University. After receiving her Master of Food Technology degree in 2016, she came back to China and worked as the Research Assistant at the Institute of Food...

IFFO RS and the Multispecies Pilot Steering Group (MPSG) continue work in SE Asia

28th June 2019
  Prior to the SeaWeb conference in Bangkok, Thailand, IFFO RS attended the Seafood Task Force to continue helping with their efforts to improve the fishery supply chain in the region. At the end of the week, the MPSG lead by IFFO RS, met to discuss the continued development of the IFFO RS...

"What will fill the fishmeal gap?"

29th May 2019
Petter Martin Johannessen was invited as a panelist at the IntraFish Investor Forum in New York to discuss "what will fill the fishmeal gap" and, more specifically, the role of the fish feed sector in supporting the growth of the aquaculture industry and how the Marine Ingredients industry can...