OECD - FAO Agricultural Outlook 2019 - 2028

16th July 2019
  The joint OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook has been released on July 8th 2019.  The focus on fishmeal and fish oil is in Chapter 8.  Advice on fishmeal and fish oil issues was provided by Enrico Bachis from the Marine Ingredients Organisation (IFFO). Download the full report here.

New IFFO Staff Member: meet Yvette Wang

16th July 2019
  Yvette Wang started to work in IFFO’s China Office as Office Manager in July, 2019. Yvette Wang graduated from Capital Normal University with a Bachelor degree on English. The five years of working experience including three years with Sony Mobile Communication gave her strong capability in...

Impacts of African Swine Fever (ASF) on the global pig industry

16th July 2019
  Insights into the Global Pig Industry Conference (China)   The 2019 Global Pig Industry Conference was organised on July 9th in Beijing by the Centre for International Agricultural Research of CAAS, Agricultural Information Institute of CAAS, Chinese Agri-products Marketing Association,...

Panama and Ecuador have passed key IFFO RS milestones towards improvement

11th July 2019
  Procesadora Bayano S.A. (Panama) has become the most recent production site to be accepted onto the new IFFO RS Improver Programme (IFFO RS IP). In order to be accepted onto the IFFO RS IP a production site needs to be a signed stakeholder in an IFFO RS accepted Fishery Improvement Project (...

Scottish farmed salmon viewed from backstage

4th July 2019
  IFFO’s Management Team has just returned from a visit to Scottish Sea Farms. It was not only impressed by the staff’s commitment and passion about Scottish salmon but also by the high-tech equipment being used. Safety and hygiene were clearly paramount throughout and the team was fortunate to...