6 takeaways from the IFFO Annual Conference 2019 in Shanghai, China - day 2

5th November 2019
  The Technical forum delved into the applications of digitalisation to aquaculture, Fish in Fish out ratios, environmental footprint of aquafeeds, characteristics and benefits of fishmeal, an update on IFFO RS and IFFO technical projects. 1. Digitalisation will improve the value of marine...

8 takeaways from the IFFO Annual Conference 2019 in Shanghai, China – day 1

4th November 2019
  Opening session delved into the industry’s contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, new B2C distribution channels, the shrimp market in Asia, IFFO RS’ scheme and blockchain. 1. China – world’s biggest fish meal market IFFO's President Eduardo Goycoolea opened this year’s IFFO...

At the FAO’s Committee on Fisheries in Trondheim, IFFO highlights the continuing importance of marine ingredients in aquaculture development

26th September 2019
Neil Auchterlonie represented IFFO at the 10th Session of the FAO’s Committee on Fisheries (CoFI) Sub-Committee on Aquaculture, held in Trondheim over the 23rd to 27th August 2019.  The meeting headlined the growing importance of aquaculture in providing protein and food for the growing human...

Market trends in Chinese pet food market

25th August 2019
  On August 21st, IFFO China Xiaowen Ling attended the 2019 Petfood Forum China, which was one of the concurrent sessions in the 2019 Pet Fair Asia held by VNU Exhibitions Asia LTD. The forum was organized by Petfood Industry and WATT Global Media. Presentations focused on market trends in...

Supporting the Oman Industry towards Sustainability

25th August 2019
  IFFO travelled to Oman in June to help the local industry get together, strengthen its global standing, while supporting responsible supply worldwide. As IFFO was in Oman the local producers gathered all together for the first time ever, and by the end of our trip they had managed to create an...