27th April 2017
  Show over, time to sort through the handfuls of business cards I have collected, write follow up emails and head to the Eurostar station for the train home. I reflect that the Expo is still the biggest (seafood) show on earth and is just about worth the ridiculous inflation of the hotel prices...

Day 2: Brussels Seafood Expo (Andrew Mallison)

26th April 2017
Today was a mixture of briefings (MSC, ASC, and the Seafish Responsible Fishing Scheme), attending the launch meeting of a Fishery Improvement Project for the Mauritanian fishmeal industry and covering the rest of the exhibition. A couple of chance meetings with contacts in the Salmon farming...

Day 1: BRUSSELS SEAFOOD EXPO (Andrew Mallison)

25th April 2017
​Visiting the Seafood Expo in Brussels with our Technical Director, Neil Auchterlonie. Probably the biggest seafood trade show in the world, it has more than 1700 exhibitors from around 75 countries. The range of seafood is being offered phenomenal, although less and less is actually on display,...

The case for using fishmeal and fish oil in feed for farmed Atlantic salmon (Neil Auchterlonie)

5th April 2017
In response to a press release made by Australian Ethical that refers to the selling of a salmon farming company’s shares on the basis of concerns about the sustainability of farmed salmon feed supply, I wrote the following: The text in the press release specifically criticises the use of marine...

OECD-FAO agri-commodities working group (Enrico Bachis)

24th March 2017
IFFO's collaboration with FAO has continued on March 23rd and 24th as our Market Research Director Dr Enrico Bachis participated in the OECD-FAO agri-commodities working group. This is an annual exercise whereby the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) and UN FAO (Food and...