Day 3 - Summary of 57th IFFO Annual Conference

26th October 2017
Market Forum 2 The last day of the conference had a packed programme, starting with the second Market Forum which this time focuses on the demand side, and ending with a closing session, completing a rounded picture on the marine ingredients industry. The market presentations cover fish oil and...

Day 2 - Summary of 57th IFFO Annual Conference

24th October 2017
Market Forum and Technical Session Day 2 started with the usual hustle and bustle of members using every moment to network. The Market Forum I session took place across the morning, where IFFO’s Producers and Premium members share market insights on their specific countries.  After the Market...

Day 1 - Summary of 57th IFFO Annual Conference

23rd October 2017
This year’s conference was attended by 400 delegates from 37 countries and included 47 presentations from leading industry scientists, case studies on countries and specific industries and analyses of latest market trends. Opening Session With a packed room of delegates from 37 countries, IFFO’s...

IFFO China Visit - JCI and member meetings

9th October 2017
I had the great pleasure to visit the People’s Republic of China in late September this year.  Not being a native speaker, I was very ably assisted by Maggie Xu and Daisy Shu from the Beijing office who had also provided a lot of support in developing a very complicated itinerary that permitted the...

Day 2 - Global Fishery Forum, St Petersburg, Russia

16th September 2017
The second day followed a similar pattern to Day 1, with a plenary session in the morning on the development strategy for the Russian fishing industry - an impressive plan of investment, fleet renewal and commitment to scientific management of the stocks. The afternoon was a selection of break out...