Day 2 - Global Fishery Forum, St Petersburg, Russia

16th September 2017
The second day followed a similar pattern to Day 1, with a plenary session in the morning on the development strategy for the Russian fishing industry - an impressive plan of investment, fleet renewal and commitment to scientific management of the stocks. The afternoon was a selection of break out...

Attending IMO meetings

15th September 2017
Drs Neil Auchterlonie and Gretel Bescoby attended the 4th Sub-Committee meeting on Carriage of Cargoes and Containers (CCC4) at the IMO headquarters in London held the week of 11-15 September. IFFO was honoured to be part of the Peruvian delegation led by Vice Admiral Edmundo Deville del Campo and...

Day 1 - Global Fishery Forum, St Petersburg, Russia

14th September 2017
It's the first time this event has been held, a combined trade show and conference in the beautiful city of St Petersburg. Although fishery conferences have been held in Russia for many years, they have been in Vladivostok, closer to the main fishing grounds of the Bering Straits and the Sea of...

Tackling the myths: The position of marine ingredients in future aquafeed supply

1st September 2017
Article submitted by IFFO’s Neil Auchterlonie, published in INFOFISH International Fishmeal and fish oil have moved from being commodities to high value products which will continue to be the major components in quality aquafeeds. This is despite feed companies moving towards partial substitution...

Connecting with industry and members in SA

22nd August 2017
I am in Cape Town, South Africa at the moment and made use of the opportunity to visit the South African Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries where I met up with the Assistant Director: Pelagic & High Seas Fisheries Management, Johan de Goede. He gave a brief overview of the Marine...