What is the Fish in : Fish out ratio?

20th December 2019
IFFO has interviewed Dr Richard Newton from the Institute of Aquaculture (University of Stirling, UK) about the Fish in : Fish out ratio.   Richard Newton is a researcher at the University of Stirling´s Institute of Aquaculture in the UK. His main interest is in investigating the ways to...

Driving positive change through seafood certification schemes

28th November 2019
On Monday 4th November 2019, before the IFFO Annual Conference began, IFFO RS hosted its third side event to provide a platform to highlight the work of certification standards within the aquaculture supply chain and how they work in collaboration with IFFO RS. The theme of this year's event was...

IFFO’s fishmeal research trips in China

28th November 2019
  IFFO visited fishmeal plants in the Zhejiang province as well as in the Hainan, Guangdong and Guangxi provinces. These research trips are meant to further improve the quality of IFFO's statistics. Technical Specialist of IFFO China office Ms. Xiaowen Ling, IFFO China Office Manager Ms. Yvette...

Summary of the IFFO Conference's closing session - day 3

7th November 2019
Wednesday, 6 November 2019   1/ Global salmon farming enjoys major efforts in developing new niches Dag Sletmo, from DNB Bank, started his presentation highlighting the main mega trends in favour of the salmon farming industry: limited CO2 emissions and water consumption compared with other...

Summary of the Market Forum held in Shanghai - day 3

6th November 2019
Summary of the Market Forum held in Shanghai on Wednesday, 6 November 2019 On last Annual Conference's day, the Market Forum gave a global overview of the fishmeal and fish oil markets and included country presentations by IFFO members. 1/ Asia consumes over 70% of the global fishmeal IFFO’s...