Strengthening relationships with the Thailand stakeholders

24th January 2020

IFFO RS visited Bangkok, Thailand in mid-January in order to strengthen relationships with the Thailand stakeholders, provide Improver Programme training and also take part in the Seafood Task Force meeting.

Improver Programme training

At the start of the week Nicola Clark (Impacts Manager) and Deirdre Hoare (Fisheries Science Manager) from IFFO RS provided training to Certification Body (CB) staff and auditors in Bangkok on the IFFO RS Improver Programme (IFFO RS IP) application procedures as well as an update on the IFFO RS multispecies fishery pilot project being run in the Gulf of Thailand. This session was designed to go through the IFFO RS IP application process step by step and provide any additional clarifications as well being an opportunity for the CB to provide input for future developments and ask questions.

Thai Sustainable Fisheries Round Table

Later in the week IFFO RS met with the Thai Sustainable Fisheries Round Table (TSFR) and the new Deputy Director General of the Thailand Department of Fisheries (DoF), Dr. Vicharn Ingsrisawang with other DoF staff. The aim of these meetings was to develop the relationship between all stakeholders involved in the Gulf of Thailand trawl fishery as part of the multispecies pilot project as well as to facilitate discussion regarding the current work towards the IFFO RS IP application. This project uses the IFFO RS Improver Programme framework to provide the assurance and credibility to the application and also allow for transparency of the development and findings of the work.

Author: Nicola Clark, IFFO RS