Panama small pelagics FIP demonstrates continued improvement through a successful transition within the IFFO RS Improver Programme

22nd May 2019


During the IFFO members meeting in Madrid, Spain, Libby Woodhatch (Executive Chair, IFFO RS Governing Body) and Francisco Aldon (General Manager at IFFO RS) met with Brian Murtagh (AnimalFeeds) to congratulate the Panama Fishery Improvement Project (FIP) stakeholders on their transition to the new IFFO RS IP application procedure against V2.0 of the IFFO RS standard.

As pioneers on the IFFO RS IP, being the first accepted applicants in 2015, Panama have demonstrated their commitment to improve the fishery as well as how an industry lead multi-stakeholder effort (fishing and processing firms, Government and CeDePesca (NGO)) can promote positive change. This process involved the implementation of a new law in Panama as well as investment in technology, staff training and vessel observers. This continued journey of improvement will allow better management of the fishery and enable producers of marine ingredients to demonstrate their commitment towards responsibly sourced raw materials.

The Panamanian FIP will have to continue to meet a series of time-bound improvement milestones with the aim to apply for full IFFO RS Certification once all the improvements have been implemented.