IFFO’s fishmeal research trips in China

28th November 2019


IFFO visited fishmeal plants in the Zhejiang province as well as in the Hainan, Guangdong and Guangxi provinces. These research trips are meant to further improve the quality of IFFO's statistics.

Technical Specialist of IFFO China office Ms. Xiaowen Ling, IFFO China Office Manager Ms. Yvette Wang and China Market Analyst Mr. Meng Wang visited two fishmeal plants in Xiangshan county of Zhejiang province on November 8th, with the raw material coming from Anchovy, Benthosema pterotum (Alcock) and other wild trash fish.

Mr. Jianbin Xu (General Manager of Wufeng Fishmeal), Mr. Huajiang Zhang (Sales Manager of Wufeng Fishmeal), Mr. Yang (General Manager of Yuanda Marine Biotechnology) and Mr. Xi (General Manager of Yuxiang Marine Biotechnology) kindly hosted the visit and had a short meeting with IFFO.

Wufeng fishmeal plant is located in Yuhuan county of Zhejiang province. It has shares in the two fishmeal plants of Yuanda and Yuxiang. The production of these two fishmeal plants account for around 30% of provincial output of Zhejiang.

IFFO China Market Analyst Mr. Meng Wang introduced IFFO and certification schemes and commented on the situation of Peruvian new fishing season. The attendees discussed over Chinese fishmeal production and the revision of China Fisheries Law sectors.

This visit occurred during the middle of China's production season. With the working production lines, visitors learned more about the processing of fishmeal production. Managers from the two plants explained the processing from raw material (fish catching) to the end product (fishmeal). After visiting the plants, IFFO had a short meeting with them in the office as well. Apart from market information, the general quality of Chinese fishmeal was discussed with IFFO. At the end of the meeting, IFFO gave them a short update on the draft revision of China fisheries law. Communicating with the local producers would help IFFO looking through the local fishmeal industry not only from the market side but also from the technical side.   

The trip is part of induction for the China Technical Specialist, Xiaowen Ling and the China Office Manager, Yvette Wang, both of whom joined IFFO this summer.

This is meanwhile also part of 2019 China fishmeal research trips by IFFO China Market Analyst Mr. Meng WANG. He has visited some fishmeal plants in Hainan, Guangdong and Guangxi provinces of south China in September 2019. He will visit the fishmeal plants in Liaoning and Shandong provinces in the north in December 2019. Final report on overall China domestic fishmeal and fish oil production will be shared with global IFFO members in January 2020. This project is meant to further improve quality of IFFO statistics ultimately.