Deidre Hoare joins IFFO RS as Fisheries Science Manager

4th March 2019

Deidre Hoare joined IFFO RS in March 2019 as Fisheries Science Manager.

Deirdre is a fisheries scientist with over 10 years’ experience in a wide range of projects associated with marine biodiversity and the sustainable use of living aquatic resources. Her principal area of expertise is in relation to stock assessment and ecosystem impacts of both artisanal and commercial fisheries. She has worked as a Fisheries Assessment Analyst and as a Scientific and Technical Officer for the Marine Institute in Ireland being involved in fisheries research and stock assessment for ICES working groups. In addition, Deirdre has worked as an assessor for SAI Global in FAO Responsible Fisheries Management and Marine Stewardship Council assessments in Iceland, Alaska and Ireland. As well as having worked as a researcher, she has completed many trips on commercial fishing vessels in the capacity of scientific observer in the NAFO area, North West Atlantic and Irish Coast. Deirdre also has experience in finfish and shellfish aquaculture that she gained during her time working in Scotland.

We are fortunate that Deirdre joins us with a sound knowledge of IFFO RS from her time at SAI Global, having undertaken fisheries assessments as a part of the IFFO RS certification process and as assessor on the Ecuadorian FIP as a part of the IFFO RS IP. She is also fluent in Spanish.