2019 - Stakeholder Management Projects

Stakeholder mapping

As the Marine Ingredients industry is currently undergoing deep transformations, a stakeholder mapping and analysis is conducted through 2019. This study implies identifying key perceptions and beliefs of marine ingredients in each supply chain sector and has led IFFO to focus on three key-messages:

  1. The marine ingredients industry is committed to transparent supply chains
  2. Quality feed means quality food
  3. Marine ingredients feed a growing population.



The technical team is heavily involved with work on the optimal use of fishmeal and fish oil in animal feeds, responsible sourcing and fisheries improvements. Together with IFFO RS, the Global Standard for Responsible Supply, IFFO calls for increased collaboration among stakeholders in regional fisheries and throughout the seafood supply chains. That increased collaboration will help facilitate the development and initiation of Fisheries Improver Projects (FIPs).