Whole Fish Raw Material

The following list contains the respective assesment reports for whole fish raw material for the IFFO RS standard.  If you have any queires regarding the list please contact us at rs@iffo.net

The MSC certified species listed in this site were provided by some of the IFFO RS certificate holders during their application process, and as stated in the IFFO RS Standard V 1.6 all MSC certified species are recognised as compliant to the IFFO RS fisheries assessments elements of the standard. The IFFO RS Secretariat updates this list regularly; however, if any of the MSC species listed have had their certification removed or suspended, the IFFO RS Standard takes no responsibility for the accuracy of this information and encourage all interested parties to check on the MSC website www.msc.org for the latest information and to inform the IFFO RS secretariat in case of any changes.