IFFO's Monthly Update constitutes a key communications tool for the marine ingredients industry and its main players. This report is dedicated to the needs of IFFO's members, bringing together industry news and insights from our diverse network. 


September 2015

Each year, the local IFFO teams in London and Beijing take a day out to discuss how we work together and how we can improve our service to members. One of the reasons that we are a successful organisation is because we have a motivated team that delivers a good service and we need to stay that way. There was a time when managers were supposed to know everything and team members just had to follow instructions – anyone who follows modern management theory will know this misses many opportunities to engage teams and harvest some great ideas from people doing the job every day on how work can be made more efficient.

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August 2015

One of the most popular internet news sites, Intrafish, is currently running a series of features headed “Where are all the Women in Seafood?” possibly prompted by the recent FAO Globefish report on the role of Women in the Seafood Industry (Vol 119, author Marie Christine Montfort). A number of successful women have been profiled, each having a view as to why there are not more women in the fish industry, particularly in the management jobs where they are certainly in a minority. Is it because the fish industry is not attractive to women managers or are women not made to feel there are opportunities?
The subject of gender balance is climbing many agendas and is something all employers should be considering. Most responsible businesses will have already adopted non-discrimination policies but how many are actively considering the benefit of recruiting more women to senior management positions? Any senior team benefits from a diversity of thinking and women bring a different perspective to decision making than male colleagues. If the leadership of an enterprise wants the best quality decisions, then a diverse leadership team is worth developing.

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July 2015

The fish industry has always frightened many potential investors looking for that elusive balance of risk and reward. But perhaps the investment tide is turning. Fishmeal and fish oil have ready markets and returns have steadily risen over the last decade. As a sector, marine ingredients is becoming more attractive – companies like IFFO member Oceana of South Africa would not have invested in acquiring Daybrook Fisheries unless there was real value to be released in future. Readers of the Huffington Post may have seen an article by David Bank on June 18th titled “Investors Target Growing Demand for Healthy, Sustainable, Tasty Fish” (see page 8), mentioning how the fundamental long term appeal of responsibly sourced fish, whether farmed or wild, makes a good business case. In general, what is good for the aquaculture industry is good for our members so this positive outlook is welcome.

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June 2015

The work of an association continues to change in line with its members evolving needs. IFFO has had different names and structures during its 50+ year history and delivered different services. If we are fortunate enough to be still serving members in another 50 years’ time, I am sure it will be different again. To remain relevant, retain existing members and attract new members an organisation needs a plan, needs to listen to member needs, anticipate them where possible and, most importantly, have a motivated, enthusiastic and versatile team to provide the service.

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May 2015

Thank you to all those who joined us in Miami for our IFFO Members Meeting at the very glamorous The Edition Hotel. Great location on the beach although the supercars parked outside gave a clue that the bar prices could be a little on the high side. The event was our highest ever attendance in Miami and feedback we have had from the post meeting survey has been very good, apart from the bar prices! We are currently negotiating for our Miami 2016 venue with several hotels including The Edition and will announce the venue when we meet the IFFO Annual Conference in Berlin (28th – 30th September 2015). One of the most interesting presentations of the Meeting was the “Elusive El Niño” by Hector Soldi, a very understandable explanation of the competing factors that cause El Niño's and decide if they are weak or strong. There is certainly a huge amount of oceanographic and metereological information now available to help understand water temperature trends and we are investigating how we can include some basic indicators into the market reports we produce.

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