Press Releases

Letter in response to 'Fishmeal industry causing devastating effects in Peru, charity says'

17th December 2014
Letter to the Editor, Undercurrent News. Ref “Video - Fishmeal industry causing ‘devastating’ effects in Peru, charity says” online 15th December 2014. Dear Sir/Madam, While I am sure many viewers would be concerned about the images used in the video released by Compassion in World Farming, it...

IFFO launches new video on the importance of omega-3s in salmon feed

10th December 2014
As farmed salmon becomes a regular feature in our diets, it is important to understand its nutritional benefits. Salmon is still an excellent source of omega-3s, containing more than most other fish, but do consumers understand enough about the amounts of EPA and DHA found in salmon and the...

Imarpe recommends not to open second anchovy fishing season in Peru

9th December 2014
The Instituto del Mar del Peru (IMARPE) has recommended not to open the country’s second anchovy fishing season until stocks have recovered. This decision is part of a report following the completion of Operation Eureka LXVII, which found major changes in the marine environment due to the recurring...

IFFO Letter to The Telegraph - Sushi price rise: Less than you thought

26th November 2014
To: The Editor, The Telegraph. 20th November 2014 Sushi price rise: Less than you thought Ref: 'Hot' sea could push up sushi prices, diners warned 17th November 2014 (online) Dear Sir/Madam, Further to your article, I am pleased to re-assure your sushi-eating readers (and any other farmed fish...

Letter to The Guardian: Taking a holistic approach to ensure better fishery management

10th September 2014
Taking a holistic approach to ensure better fishery managementLetter to the Guardian (UK) - In response to ‘Why independent fishers are the key to seafood sustainability’ by Cristina Rumbaitis del Rio and Sissel Waage, published Monday 1 September 2014.Dear Sir/Madam,The article above that appeared...