Press Releases

Letter to The Guardian: Taking a holistic approach to ensure better fishery management

10th September 2014
Taking a holistic approach to ensure better fishery managementLetter to the Guardian (UK) - In response to ‘Why independent fishers are the key to seafood sustainability’ by Cristina Rumbaitis del Rio and Sissel Waage, published Monday 1 September 2014.Dear Sir/Madam,The article above that appeared...

Letter to the Telegraph - Salmon stocks at risk as sand eels are overfished

6th August 2014
Letter to the Editor: The TelegraphIn response to ‘Salmon stocks at risk as sand eels are overfished’ by Clare Carter on 28th July 2014Dear Editor,A recent article by Clare Carter regarding concerns on salmon stocks returning to British waters draws a series of conclusions that I would like to...

IFFO RS makes its presence felt in Asia for the first time

10th July 2014
The growing demand for responsibly produced fishmeal and fish oil, for use in both animal feed and human food, is increasing the number of factories certified to the global standard developed under the auspices of IFFO (IFFO RS). Already there are over 100 factories certified to the standard and a...

IFFO welcomes FAO’s GLOBEFISH as a new member

27th June 2014
IFFO are delighted to welcome GLOBEFISH as a Non-Producer member.  As a unit of the United Nations Fisheries and Aquaculture Department (FAO), GLOBEFISH is responsible for information on international fish trade and recently celebrated their 30th birthday.  With three decades of experience in...

Farmed fish consumption at record high, Monday 19th May.

29th May 2014
Letter to: Mr J Vidal, Environment Editor for The GuardianDear Mr Vidal,It is indeed a significant moment in time when the volume of farmed fish exceeds the catch from wild fisheries, particularly as modern intensive farming of fish is only a very recent (within the last thirty years) phenomenon....