ENFEN report

The ENFEN Multisector Commission keeps the El Niño Alert status active, hoping that the weak warm conditions will be maintained at least until the beginning of autumn. This is due to the arrival of two warm Kelvin waves between March and April, as well as the weakening of the southeast trade winds along the coast, in relation to its climatology.

In the remainder of the summer, the positive sea and air temperature anomalies would be maintained on the north and central coast of Peru. In this scenario, added to the atmospheric conditions and the seasonality of the rains, ENFEN considers that favorable conditions will be presented for a greater occurrence of rainy and very rainy days1 in the low and middle basins, mainly on the north and central coast of Peru, particularly in March.

Read the full report (in Spanish): Estudio del Fenómeno El Niño

Friday, February 22, 2019