Update February 2018

February, 2018

The New Year at IFFO is survey time. We ask our members to tell us if we are getting it right and where we could improve – as someone who gets sent a lot of surveys I know it can be a chore to complete them but it really is an essential tool for us to make sure we are giving members the service they deserve and to plan for the future. This year’s survey will be in your inbox soon so please take a few minutes to click through it.
A little more unusual is the survey we do with our own staff to ask how we are doing as a team, something that takes some honesty, might generate uncomfortable truths but, in the long run, is worth doing. The survey is internet based and is anonymous, asking whether we provide a good work environment, fair pay, whether individuals are treated fairly by their manager and know their role in the IFFO vision and mission. Although several of these questions come up in performance reviews, the survey is an opportunity for anonymous comments so gives a valuable health check on the most important asset of the company, our people. I like to think these surveys will help make sure we never have the sort of inequality that we see in the papers every day in show business, music, politics and other walks of life.

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