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30th October 2013
Good progress is being made on the regulations which will implement the new Fisheries Act in Chile. By the end of this year the 12 regulations will be in place, enabling setting of quota for 2014 based primarily on scientific considerations, rather than economic or political pressures.This was...


8th October 2013
Certification of products from aquaculture is contributing to sustainable production, but it also has serious limitations. Therefore it should be seen as one approach among many for steering aquaculture toward sustainability. In a paper published in Science on September 6, an international team of...

IFFO Workshop at GOED Exchange

8th October 2013
GOED, the Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s, will hold its GOED Exchange event, a high level conference for companies involved in the omega-3 business on 4-6 February, 2014 in Salt Lake City, Utah. The GOED event will include an IFFO certification workshop. Registration is now open at...

Anchoveta feature on new Peruvian coin

1st September 2013
Peru has introduced three new coins featuring the natural resources of Peru - anchovy, cocoa and quinoa. The one nuevo sol anchovy coin shows two anchovies and a scene of life at sea representing the Moche culture, plus the words 'Anchoveta' and its scientific name of 'Engraulis ringens' - see...

Farmed fish: a net provider of omega-3 oils?

1st September 2013
Aquaculture will soon be a net provider of the valuable and essential fatty acids EPA and DHA in our diets, according to FAO's Jogeir Toppe, in an article published in FAO Globefish.In fact, it may be a net provider already.  Toppe says the aquaculture sector as a whole provides 206,000 tonne of...