IFFO RS Standard

The continuing development of the global fishmeal and fish oil markets is creating a need for industry to demonstrate its commitment to the responsible sourcing of raw materials and the safe production of ingredients for aquaculture, agriculture and directly in the production of consumer products.

To ensure food safety it is important for factories to be able to demonstrate freedom from potentially unsafe and illegal materials.

There is also concern over the sustainability of global fisheries, including fisheries that supply fishmeal and fish oil to aquaculture. In some regions, there are concerns of the origins of ‘trash fish’ and also of the legality of catches used in the supply of fishmeal and fish oil. The fight against Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishery material is now a global agenda.

In order to better demonstrate to all stakeholders the commitment to responsible practice in areas of feed safety, raw material procurement and delivery, the IFFO has developed a Global Standard and Certification Programme for the Responsible Supply of Fishmeal and Fish Oil (IFFO RS). IFFO recognises the importance of responsible sourcing, responsible production andresponsible supply practices. Many of its members have already implemented third party assurances such as ISO 9000, HACCP systems and feed ingredient assurance programs.

This new IFFO RS Certification Program is designed to build upon each of these positive developments and allow certificate holders visibly to demonstrate their commitment to good practice.

A third party inspection and certification program has been established to ensure the integrity and transparency of its implementation. The Certification Program which has been designed to allow certification to meet the requirements of the ISO/IEC Guide 65:1996 - General requirements for bodies operating product certification programs has obtain its ISO 65 accreditation. A unique Certification Mark – “IFFO Assured” has been developed which can be used to signify compliance to the IFFO Standard.

IFFO chose ISO Guide 65 accreditation because it has been adopted by the majority of Standards owners as a consistent and transparent way of operating certification schemes. It is also frequent requirement of the major retailers to demonstrate a well managed standard.

Through the program framework, the requirements for Certification of Responsible Supply will be subject to continual review and improvement to ensure that they continue to serve its members and stakeholder needs in the provision of safe, responsibly sourced fishmeal and fish oil for the International market.

In order to assist the Certification Body of your choice and to help reduce the time taken to update any changes you may apply to your company, IFFO RS Ltd has created a new scope extension document in which you will only be required to include information that is to be used for the desired scope extension. You can find the scope extension document at the bottom of this page in downloads.

For a full list of of certified plants, click here.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us at secretariat@iffo.net or rs@iffo.net