IFFO RS Improvers Programme

IFFO and the board IFFO RS have noted that, despite the initial success of the standard IFFO RS, there are still a lot of producers of marine ingredients that fail to meet the requirements of the standard IFFO RS, this could be due to a range of problems within the plant or because of problems regarding raw materials and associated fisheries. Many of these producers are located in areas where aquaculture is considerably increasing, princiapally in Asia. This means that local companies producing balanced feed for fish and aquaculture companies wishing to use marine ingredients IFFO RS should import these products, which increases production costs and contributes to the impoverishment of the local economy.

IFFO IFFO board and RS have considered and rejected diluting either the IFFO RS standard or maintain two different standards. The agreed alternative is to develop a breeding program properly structured to align with the IFFO RS standard to encourage producers of marine ingredients, which currently do not meet the standard requirements IFFO RS (due to a deficiency in the management fisheries and / or infrastructure or plant systems), to implement improvements that will lead to eventual certification.

Marine ingredients producers who wish to participate and be formally accepted into the program improvement IFFO RS IP must complete the  relevant application registration  and send it to the IFFO RS secretariat at rs@iffo.net

If you have any questions, please contact us at secretariat@iffo.net   or rs@iffo.net .