IFFO RS CoC Standard

The unit of certification for the IFFO RS standard is the fishmeal factory and a key requirement is that it must be able to demonstrate full traceability of RS compliant product throughout the production process right up to the factory gate, and back to an approved raw material source. However, from this despatch point the value supply chain for IFFO RS certified fish meal and fish oil can be complex with many links that can result in a long and sometimes complicated distribution chain, which can increase the risk of the certified fish meal and fish oil being mixed with non-certified material. To ensure the IFFO RS fish meal and fish oil identity is protected and to reassure users of fishmeal and fish oil, the IFFO RS Governing Board has developed a Chain of Custody standard. This standard is based on the requirements of the FAO Eco-labelling Requirements version 2005 and updates in 2009.

The certification programme is based on internationally accredited, EN45011/ISO Guide 65 specifications, which assure consistent, competent and independent certification practices.

The purpose of the Chain of Custody standard is to provide marine ingredient users with a recognised standard, which they can use to demonstrate that the ingredients that they are sourcing come from responsibly managed factories and supply-chains. This provides reassurance that the marine ingredients purchased are produced from responsibly sourced raw materials and are pure and safe with full traceability back to their source.

The IFFO RS Chain of Custody standard requires the applicant who is a legal title holder of the fishmeal and fish oil, to demonstrate a commitment that any products claimed to be RS compliant come from RS certified factories and were sold as coming from responsibly sourced raw materials as laid down in the RS standard. An applicant must be able to demonstrate that IFFO RS products are segregated from non-IFFO RS products and that traceability can be maintained at all times throughout the distribution. To achieve this, a full product traceability system is required so products can be traced from their suppliers and tracked to their point of use or onward sale.

Certification to the requirements under the standard allows the use of the certification mark “IFFO RS Assured” to signify compliance to the Chain of Custody Standard as part of the IFFO Responsible Supply Programme. Commitment to these requirements will communicate to customers the provenance of IFFO RS certified fishmeal and fish oil. In other words, the RS Chain of Custody standard provides a means for suppliers to demonstrate and claim that their products originate from a certified IFFO Responsible Supply factory and in turn gives reassurance to fishmeal and fish oil users that the products they are buying are produced from responsible sourced raw materials and manufactured to produce safe and pure products.

Through the Programme framework, the requirements for Certification to both the RS and the CoC standard will be subject to continual review and improvement to ensure that it continues to serve IFFO members and stakeholder needs in the provision and use of safe, responsibly sourced fishmeal and fish oil for the international market.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at rs@iffo.net